Protect your organization from persistent and evolving threats

Prevent. Contain. Protect. Global managed security services for your organization.

The Dubaycloud MSSP Solution includes:

Next-Generation Firewalls
Virtual Firewall for Private Cloud
Secure Email Gateway
WiFi Applications
Central Management
Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
Enterprise Security Services
State-of-the-art managed security solutions and world-class expertise are at the heart of Dubaycloud's Managed Security Services offering. Whether you are looking for a tailor-made comprehensive security solution for your business, or simply looking for specific solutions & services like Anti-malware services, access control, or penetration testing, Dubaycloud's Managed Security Services will give your organization all the protection it needs.
Sandboxing & Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Solutions
With Advanced Threat Monitoring and Protection services, we offer Cloud based sandboxing, mail blocking and endpoint quarantine.
  • FortiSandbox {Cloud Based}
  • Sophos Sandstorm {Cloud Based}
E-Mail Security
We provide comprehensive Mail Security solutions that include the analysis of unknown content to protection against “phishing” attacks, the testing of all imbedded URL’s and the blocking of malware from spoofed domains to protect from “whaling” attacks.
  • FortiMail {On-Premise & Cloud Based}
  • Sophos Email Security {On-Premise & Cloud Based}
  • Barracuda Email Security {On-Premise & Cloud Based}
Next Generation Endpoint Security
An endpoint is always a potential entry point for threats. Endpoint devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets can be used by cyber criminals to attack networks with malware that could help them steal data from the network systems. Today, the risk is even bigger as enterprises all over the world adopt practices like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and personal devices- smartphones, tablets etc- are connected to enterprise networks. Mobile threats have shown an increasing trend in recent times. People even connect to organizational networks using their home computer. In such a scenario endpoint security gains significance since it supplements centralized security solutions with additional protection and prevents threats to secure the network. Endpoint devices would need to meet security standards before being granted network access; this would help prevent threats to a great extent. Endpoint security software also helps in monitoring endpoints and endpoint devices for risky and malicious activities.
  • FortiClient {On-Premise & Cloud Based}
  • Sophos Endpoint Security
  • SentinelOne
Other Security Services
We also offer Security Log Collection & Management, Managed Web Application Firewall, Web Defacement Protection, End point Security Management, File Integrity Monitoring, Social Media Tracking, Mobile Application Tracking, Data Base Security Management, Privileged Account Management, Security Hardware Management, Server Hardening, Managed Data Loss Prevention, Database Security, Managed Network Access Control and Identity and Access Management.
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